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+44 (0) 1543 374 647

+44 (0) 1543 374 647

Link Business Ltd the complete component supply solution

Tube Bending

 CNC Tube bending.

Here at FPT

We pride ourselves on giving the customer the best possible experience. We value all enquiries and orders equally and believe it should be your call on how the final product reaches its completion. You are in charge of everything from the way we design and draft the product, to the way its formed.

We only use materials that ensure a high quality finish, no matter what you decide on. We also give you a run through of anything you’d like to know and tailor our service to your requirements. No detail is too small when it comes to quality and perfection.

Our bending machines can handle tube upto 63mm dia and 3.2m in length. Our newest machine boasts a bending precision of +- 0.2 degrees, its also able to run 24hrs making it extremely efficient. We do this to Ensure you never get left without a solution. We know every order is unique and that why we aim to give you such a versatile selection of choices.


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