Subcontract Machining and
Fabrication Services

An array of subcontract machining and fabrication services, at your fingertips.

Link Business’ numerous subcontract machining and fabrication services ensure we can take on all sized projects across all industries.

Working with all types of ferrous and non-ferrous and exotic materials, as well as some plastics, our team utilises your drawings to bring your product to life.

Our expertise can be drawn upon at all stages of production - from design assistance to manufacturing services, assembly and packaging.

These solutions are available throughout the West Midlands and UK. We can deliver products to your door as and when you need, using our vehicles for total assurance as to the protection and fast turnaround delivery of your product.

An End-to-End Service of Subcontract Machining Services

Our service is designed to provide support from start to finish. This begins with design assistance from our expert team, right through to precision manufacture, product assembly and delivery. Or, subcontract a single service - our services are here for you to use as you need!

CNC Subcontract Machining and Fabrication Services:

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    CNC Machining

    Precision machining utilising the latest in CNC technology. We provide a lights-out service for Turning and Milling for various products, volumes, and materials.
    Link Business is a leading Turned Parts Manufacturer

    Turned Parts

    A turned parts manufacturer you can trust. Our extended design capabilities mean we provide a bespoke service across a range of designs, materials, and complexities.
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    Tube Bending

    Tube bending with exacting bending precision. We deliver +-0.2 degrees precision and a capacity between 10mm od - 90mm od, suitable for all tube manipulation needs.
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    Welding Services

    TIG and MIG welding capabilities for product fabrication. Our standard and bespoke services are suitable for the agricultural, automotive, construction industry and more.
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    Laser Cutting

    A time-efficient and highly accurate solution. Suitable for all metals and plastics, our CNC laser cutting offers a cost effect and accurate solution for various specifications.
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    Metal Finishing

    Utilise a range of finishes to prepare your product for its application. From powder coating to chrome plating, learn about our range of specialist metal finishing.
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    Press Braking

    CNC press braking with an extensive range of tooling. With an 80-tonne capacity, our CNC services ensure your folds are undertaken to exact tolerances.
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    Assembly and Packaging

    Our ability to undertake a packaging and CNC assembly service, ensures we can offer our clients an end-to-end service, guaranteeing quality.
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    Additional Services

    Can’t find the service you’re looking for? Our additional services, including inspection with a Faro Arm, will have you covered.

    Sub-Contract Machining and Fabrication: FAQs

    Machining is a manufacturing method which involves the removal of material from a larger raw piece to create a specific shape. This process is commonly used with metal materials and is known as subtractive manufacturing. Unlike additive manufacturing methods such as 3D printing, which add material to create a shape, machining relies on cutting tools and machine tools to carve out the desired form. 

    Our various tools and techniques enable us to provide a trusted service, producing intricate and accurate components for various industries. We can reliably and efficiently crafting high-quality parts with tight tolerances and complex geometries.