Manufacturing Services

Non-standard requirements? No problem.

Manufacturing Services

Our additional services are in place to cater to individual requirements that go beyond the typical fabrication and manufacturing operations, so we can provide an end-to-end service no matter your project specifications.

The flexibility of Link Business means our service is determined by the requirements of your unique product, and our innovative team thinks outside the box to actualise your product in the most efficient way we can.

Because of this, we are able to work with a range of sectors, with a deep understanding of many industry requirements.

Manufacturing Services:

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    Take a look through our additional services, including testing and 3D printing; and, if you can't see what you need, simply talk to a member of our team and we can find a solution for you.

    Manufacturing Services

    Pressure Testing

    Link Business can provide several testing methods to ensure your products perform as expected, including pressure testing for pipe systems.

    Our testing offers peace of mind as to the quality and standard of products.


    We undertake a thorough inspection service on our parts, utilising a state-of-the-art Faro Arm for inspection processes. Our inspection services are complete with detailed reports upon request.

    3D Printing

    Our in-house 3D printing service is available for quality insurance and inspection, with repeat inspection routines achieved for consistency across product batches.

    Silver Soldering

    As part of our welding capabilities, Link Business can also provide silver soldering for increased joint strength. Suitable for mechanical joints, structural connections and other applications.

    Ring Rolling

    Link Business can provide ring rolling for the creation of rings, meeting the exacting internal and external diameters of a project’s requirement. Our ring rolling service is suitable for construction, automotive, and more.