Metal Finishing Services

Our end-to-end solutions are complete with our metal finishing services.

Wide range of finishing options

Suitable for all metallic materials

Expert advisory service

Metal Finishing Services

Finishing is an essential operation, improving the surface quality, durability, and properties of your product.

Our team will listen closely to your needs during consultancy processes and advise on the most appropriate finishing option for this.

With a number of finishing operations to hand, we are confident in our ability to provide a suitable finish for your product to excel in its application.

While we're based in the West Midlands, we provide nationwide metal finishing services across the UK!

Metal Finishing Services:

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    From powder coating to chrome plating, read through our range of specialist metal finishing services below. And if you can’t see an appropriate finish, talk to a member of our team to see how we can cater for your unique project.

    Metal Polishing

    We provide a vast range of product finishing and metal coating services across the West Midlands and the UK. Learn more about the various types we provide below.

    Powder Coating Services 

    Powder coating achieves a durable and highly aesthetic finish on the surface of metal products.

    All RAL colours can be achieved with Link Business’ powder coating service, providing a suitable alternative to liquid paint.

    Metal Polishing Services

    Polishing finishes can be achieved as standard on metallic products which prioritise aesthetics. Polishing can also reduce surface impurities, improving the durability of products by doing so.

    E-Coating Services

    Electro-deposition coating can be performed for a protective and corrosion-resistant paint finish on conductive metal products, producing an even and full-coverage layer.

    Zinc Plating Services

    Zinc plating is suitable for most metal types and is achieved as standard. Zinc plating offers increased corrosion resistance, suitable for a range of environmental conditions.

    Chrome Plating Services

    Chrome metal plating is complete as standard. Chrome plating provides a highly decorative finish, with increased corrosion resistance and surface hardness.

    Metal Finishing Services - FAQs

    Our metal finishing process provides a range of advantages that enhance the properties and aesthetics of metal surfaces, including:

    • Corrosion resistance: Metal finishing can form a protective layer on the surface, preventing corrosion and extending the lifespan of the metal. 
    • Durability: Finishes can improve the durability and hardness of metals, making them more resistant to wear, scratches, and impacts. This enhances the overall strength and longevity of the material. 
    • Appearance: We offer a range of metal finishing techniques, each of which brings a distinct look and texture - allowing you the flexibility to choose the style best suited to your design.  
    • Enhanced electrical conductivity and thermal properties: Making it beneficial for applications where efficient heat transfer or electrical conductivity is required.