CNC Machining Services

Utilise Link Business’ custom CNC machining services and capabilities for precision production.

Subcontract machining power for ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials

Computer numerical controlled technology

Precision CNC subcontract machining service

CNC Machining Services

Our subcontract CNC machining services produce quality machined products and custom parts to tight tolerances, utilising a range of tooling for the creation of your unique products.

Turning, milling, and more can all be completed, with our expert team on hand to help you determine the right machining processes based on the requirements of your project.

We're based in the West Midlands, but our precision CNC Machining services serve customers across the UK.

Link Business’ machining services can be employed for all types of products and product volumes, working with ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials, as well as some plastic parts.

CNC Machining Services:

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    Our team works around the specifications of your project for a time- and cost-efficient service, with lights out CNC machining services capabilities to ensure a fast turnaround time that meets your project deadlines.

    CNC Machined Parts

    CNC Turning Services

    Our success has been achieved over 20 years by offering a quality all-inclusive CNC turning service.

    Ongoing investment in Turn/ Mill technology allows us to tackle the most complex parts, ultimately providing a tailor-made service to match your requirements.

    Our turning service is complete with a wide range of 2, 3 and 4 axis lathes to ensure we have the capacity and capability to get the job done.

    CNC Milling Services

    Our turning service is complemented with our range of VMC Machining Centres.

    CNC Milling for when projects require a rotating cutting tool, including drilling, tapping and much more.

    CNC Sliding Head

    We utilise the latest sliding head technology to ensure that our CNC machining services produce high volume and complex machined parts, 24 hours a day.

    High power, high performance, high accuracy; from simple components to complex multi-feature parts, our machines cover all bases from 4mm diameter to 38mm diameter.

    CNC Machining Services - FAQs

    CNC machining refers to the process of using computer numerical control (CNC) machines to manufacture intricate and precise parts or components. These services use computer software to control the movement and operation of various cutting tools and machinery.

    CNC machining services are highly automated, performing various manufacturing tasks with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. At Link Business, we use these techniques to cut, shape, drill, grind, and mill materials. We work with a range of ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials, operating on all types of products and volumes.

    The process begins with a CAD File (Computer-Aided Design) file, which is converted into a CNC program that instructs the machine on how to produce the desired part. The machine executes these instructions by moving the cutting tools in a precise manner to remove material and create the final product.