Laser Cutting Services

Utilise our laser cutting technology to optimise the quality and rate of your cutting processes.

Employ the latest state-of-the-art cutting technology

Suitable for all metals and plastics

Cut with accuracy and efficiency

Laser Cutting Services

Link Business provides fabrication and laser cutting services for our clients, available for a range of materials including metals and plastics.

Our CNC laser cutting utilises the latest technology to cut components with greater accuracy and time- and cost-efficiency.

We're based in the West Midlands, but our Laser Cutting and Fabrication services serve customers across the UK.

Whether you’re looking to solely use our laser cutting service, or take advantage of our full range of fabrication and manufacturing operations, Link Business’ expert team can guide you through the process to ensure your product is delivered to expectation.

Laser Cutting Services:

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    We take on all types of projects and product specifications, working closely with our customers to make certain our service can fulfil your every need.

    Laser Cutting

    CNC Laser Cutting Services UK

    For our CNC laser cutting, Link Business utilises a Bystronic Fiber 6 Kw Laser Cutting Machine.

    Our machine allows for components from a few millimetres up to 3m x 1.5m x 12mm. From one-off to large-scale orders, we are happy to work with all product sizes and volumes within our capabilities.

    Make use of the latest manufacturing technology to improve the accuracy, repeatability, and finish of your cut.

    Which Materials Can Be Laser Cut?

    Virtually all materials can be cut with a laser cutter; Link Business works with a range of materials including through our plastic and metal laser cutting services.

    Our team of laser cutting experts can advise on manufacturing feasibility depending on your material and project specifications, but we aim to account for all requirements with innovative thinking and a number of manufacturing operations available.

    Laser Cutting Services - FAQs

    We offer laser cutting for a range of materials and pride ourselves on being able to cut virtually all materials. From metals like stainless steel, aluminium and brass; to plastics, like acrylic and ABS - our expert team is available to help assist you.

    We understand that each material has unique properties and challenges. That’s why we’re here to provide advice on the manufacturing feasibility of your specific project specifications. Get in touch to find out more.