Tube Bending Services

Precision tube bending services for the creation of quality tubes.

Quality CNC tube bending UK

Providing +-0.2 degrees precision

Delivered on time and in full

10mm od – 90mm od capacity

Tube Bending Services

Link Business’ tube bending capabilities, using CNC machinery to provide draw bending and ring rolling, allow us to fulfil all your tube requirements.

Working with a range of metals, including mild and stainless steel, aluminium and copper, Link Business’ custom approach to every project ensures we can work to your specifications; meeting all your tube manipulation needs.

While we're based in the West Midlands, our tube bending services serve customers across the UK. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Tube Bending Services:

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    With decades of experience and expertise underpinning our CNC tube bending UK services, our expert team will confidently support you throughout the process of feasibility, tube fabrication, and delivery of your product, on time and in full. It is these standards and level of customer support that set Link Business apart and ensure our customers experience complete satisfaction.

    Bend Tube

    Precision CNC Tube Bending Services

    Our draw bending machines offer precision bending, with the ability to bend tubes up to 90mm in diameter and 3.2m in length.

    Our CNC tube benders can provide precision of +-0.2 degrees, aided by the latest CNC machinery, and can account for all types of bend radius whilst maintaining finish quality.

    Lights Out: 24 Hour CNC Tube Bending Manufacturing

    Operated by CNC tube bending machinery, Link Business can provide lights-out manufacturing to meet tight project deadlines across the UK.

    We understand the exacting requirements of a project, and can offer innovative tube manipulation which enables you to meet all your expectations and specifications.

    This service is available for a range of sectors, with Link Business working alongside all types of industries - from automotive and hydraulics, right through to medical and disability aids, with the ability to provide hygienic tubes where necessary.

    To see our stock tooling list, get in touch with a member of our team today.

    Precision Tube Bending

    Turned Parts - FAQs

    Tube manipulation is a technique used to shape tubes into different forms to meet various application and assembly requirements. By reshaping the tube as a whole, the need for cutting or welding is eliminated. Compared to these alternatives, bending is a cost-effective solution which maintains the structural integrity and strength of the tube. In some cases, cutting and welding may weaken the fabricated piece (especially in the heat-affected zone), and bending is often the best option for maintaining strength and durability.