Turned Parts Manufacturer 

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For ferrous, non-ferrous, and exotic materials

Turned parts from 3mm-300mm

Link Business’ subcontract turning service is suitable for a range of industries looking for quality, precision turned parts which are completed to the highest standard. From a tailored approach to CNC machinery, discover more about our turning services.

Turned Parts Manufacturer

Turned Parts and CNC Turning Services

Our CNC turned parts service is a part of Link Business’ wider CNC machinery capabilities, producing a range of parts to exacting specifications – whether you’re looking for subcontract turning or a complete end-to-end fabrication service. We work with ferrous, non-ferrous and exotic materials to do this.

Here at Link Business, we're continually investing in our Turning and Milling departments to ensure we can provide the level of service expected by our customers. This means working with CNC machinery for the production of quality turned parts and being able to take on complex parts, all while offering a tailored service complete with expert advice and guidance.

While we're based in the West Midlands, we can provide bespoke turned parts manufacturer services across the entire UK.

Turned Parts Manufacturer:

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    Link Business’ extended design capabilities provide our customers with a bespoke service. As a precision turned parts manufacturer, we can work with designs across a range of materials, product size and complexity, as well as project volume.


    Turned Parts UK

    Precision Turning Design Capabilities

    Our capabilities span across a range of materials, including:

    • Mild Steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Brass
    • Copper
    • Plastics
    • Aluminium
    • Exotic Materials

    We also have the ability to work with parts from 3mm - 300mm, ranging from simple to complex designs and from a one-off prototype to orders in the tens of thousands. This is aided by a lights-out, 24/7 service – helping us to adjust our process to the requirements of your project, no matter how demanding.

    Our experienced team helps bring this together, working closely with you to realise the most efficient way to bring your designs to life.

    Quality Turned Parts

    Throughout our increased capabilities, Link Business maintains the quality expected of us.

    We’re an ISO 9001:2015 accredited turned parts manufacturer, meaning we offer precision engineering and machine component supply solutions and fabrication.

    Alongside this, we also conform to the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) up to level 5 – which is the highest level available for our customers who require it.

    Our CNC Technology

    Computer Numerical Controlled machinery offers us the efficiency and precision to be able to fulfil all project volumes within agreed timescales. Our CNC machinery includes milling tools, turning tools, and sliding head technology.

    Link Business’ CNC milling tools have both 3- and 4-axis capabilities and can work with lengths up to 1.25m. We can further provide flow drilling.

    Our CNC turning tools have 3-axis capabilities with driven tooling, enabling us to produce complex parts.

    We also utilise CNC sliding head turning technology to reduce cycle times whilst maintaining accuracy. Our sliding head machine is complete with 8-axis capability and can produce parts from 4mm to 38mm.

    A range of 2-, 3-, and 4-axis lathes complete our turning service and enable Link Business to offer our customers the best subcontract machining solution for their products.

    Turned Parts Manufacturer - FAQs

    The process of turning parts on a CNC machine typically takes three steps.

    Firstly, we convert the CAD design file to a CNC programme using software that translates the geometric features of the design into instructions suitable for the CNC machine.

    We then prepare the CNC turning machine by selecting and installing the appropriate tooling for the workpiece. This includes cutting tools, work holding devices and coolant systems. Parameters such as speed, feed and depth of cut are set by the machine operator prior to production.

    Production can then begin; the raw material is loaded into the machine and the programme is started. The CNC turning machine rotates the material at high speed, with the cutting tool moving along the axes to remove material.